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Reject - OST Release


A 10 track official OST release for the film, "Reject" dir. David Chai.

An American businessman learns the brutal mistake of what can go wrong after making a deal with China. Reject was Broadcast on the NTD America network as well as streamed on their website and their sister media The English Epoch Times.

Exploring a sound world of a orchestral ambient, and dark electronic progressive; Reject covers a spectrum of musical styles to deliver a thrilling, driving cinematic score.

Black Halloween Invitation Social Media

NHL - Feel


NHL's "Feel" promo campaign was released for the 2019 Stanley cup playoffs. Airing across over 50 nationwide networks, Feel aimed to capture the true essence of the life of hockey.

With the use of a minimalistic piano soundtrack, the true emotion of the highs and lows felt by players and fans worldwide was powerfully reflected alongside the amazing storytelling visuals assembled by the NHL creative team.

Poulette's Chair - IFMC 2020


A rescore of the great animated short, "Poulette's Chair" for the globally held annual  online Indie Film Music Contest.

Armaan Biviji's compositional approach for this competition consisted of borrowing thematic developmental concepts from composers like John Williams and Alexandre Desplat, illustrated through his use of multiple contrapuntal piano and string passages throughout the short.

Out of over 800 applicants, Armaan Biviji was awarded 4th place and an Honorable Mention on IFMC's official page.

J'ai Perdu Mon Corps - Film Fest Ghent 2020


J'ai Perdu Mon Corps, dir Jérémy Clapin, is an award winning Netflix animated feature, following  the tale of a severed hand haphazardly journeying through a modern Paris, to reconnect with its well and unbeknownst unknown.

This is a sequence scored by Armaan Biviji for Film Fest Ghent, for the up and coming aspiring composers contest.

The score by Armaan consists of strict orchestral instrumentation, rivaling the original synthetic score while adding a new flavor of awe, mystery, adventure, and horror.

WGBH Sonic Branding


A project promoting and iconizing WGBH's Boston based radio network's sonic identity.

The three cue playlist was sonically curated in an acoustic/ folk guitar palette to embody a sense of welcoming dependence for the identity of the WGBH network.


Audible Genius

A gamified, interactive, online music training course. Audible Genius, founded by Joe Hanley, is an innovative program meticulously designed for students of all ages and experience, to dive deep into the unifying world of music theory and production.
Armaan Biviji is  the head composer and producer for all music and exercises at Audible Genius.
Audible Genius Wallpaper
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