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Armaan Biviji


Armaan Biviji is an LA based award winning film and TV composer, and a Berklee College of Music scholarship alum. Having worked for numerous shorts, features, and TV shows, Armaan composes and orchestrates across a myriad of various styles and genres.

From lush orchestral passages, to deep and dramatic hybrid electronic underscores, his experience writing for orchestras and producing for electronic showcases has manifested the powerful duality to his hybrid writing  style today.

Backed up by a powerhouse team, Armaan aims to pull out all stops for every project he takes on.

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Desirae Stately

Digital Development


Ali Krishnan

Business Manager

Ali oversees the accounts and business for the studio. Holding down the backbone of the team, Ali plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth flow of both, the day to day general, and local / international financial operations of the team.

Emerging from San Fransico's corporate world, Ali's vital prowess of attention to detail catalyses the work flow at our studios.  


Sascha Göttin

Assistant Engineer

Tech wiz and an unparalleled mockup developer, Sascha handles most of the engineering, additional synth programming, and mastering for Armaan Biviji's score work. 

Originating from Berlin, Sascha brings immense electronic and soundscape design experience to the team, while being a fundamental aspect to the work flow and file organization of the projects we take on.


Desirae handles all of the digital content and assets for Armaan Biviji studios.


An alum from Brown's SAR master's program, Desirae brings her Swiss-knife expertise in data analytics and file management to ensure a smooth flow between client and composer for all the undergoing work. Arguably one of the most vital roles for the team.

Sascha Göttin
Desirae Statley
Ali Krishnan
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