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"An asset to the American music industry. He powerfully brings it all together."

—  Swagg R'Celious

Producer for H.E.R., Alicia Keys, Busta Rhymes 

Ritz Herald

It was around a year ago when the NHL premiered its latest commercial, titled “Feel,” and as the title foreshadowed, we got ALL THE FEELS after watching it. The new ad focused on the positive impact the sport has had on its fans over years of unforgettable on-ice moments, as well as the interactions between players and fans on and off the ice, from puck tosses to charity work.

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A multi-instrumentalist composer, arranger, and producer from India, Armaan graduated from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston. He currently works as a composer, producer, and entrepreneur in California.

He has scored original music for various advertisements for clients ranging from the National Hockey League to Way-fair and more. Check out his score for NHL’s “Feel” here. In addition to his prolific work in media and podcast sound engineering, he has also established himself as a prominent and renowned Electronic and R&B producer.

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London Post

A great option for avid music lovers to invest in is the online music course Audible Genius, an interactive and gamified music education course that teaches music theory and production for all levels. Through its innovative and modern interface, gone are the complex music staves and notation, and in is the piano roll theory method that allows students to visually learn and hone their skills writing, arranging, and composing. Students have their ear training, harmony and arranging, and writing skills honed and tested as the exercises are methodically constructed to increase in difficulty at a captivating rate.

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Voyage LA

"Can you give our readers some background on your music?"
A multi-instrumentalist writer and arranger, having graduated from Berklee College of Music, I currently work as a film music composer. I do cinematic and lush, dreamy epic; rivetingly action-packed; enigmatic and stunted; modern and electronic; and various other styles. What in my opinion that sets me apart is the breadth of the various styles of writing I have to offer for each project.


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